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All About Me!

Writing info on an About page is hard... I sat here for what seems like forever trying to sort out where to start and how much info to provide to give you a glimpse of me without making you run for the hills or close this page. :-)

I'll start with the basics... I'm married (over 23 years - I'll have to update this after a few anniversaries to keep it fairly accurate), I am the mother of 3 boys... well they are grown men now and I am very proud of the men they've become. I'm now a Grandma (Nonna actually) and I love it!!  


I started in photography years ago when I was in the 6th grade.  I joined the camera club at school and we basically experimented to find out how many pieces of photo paper we could stack together and still get our images to develop on all of them.  Not long after that, I moved and the camera stayed in a box for a very long time, a very very long time.  I still took photos – snapshots really - but I continued to "see photos" all the time.  Anytime you're out somewhere and think "wow, that would be great photo" then you see them too!  After many years of life, graduating high school, getting married, having kids, working in the corporate world and more moving, the summer 2000 I unpacked that dusty camera and haven't put it down since.  Ok, I've put it down since then - I'm not a weirdo that holds a camera 24 hours a day. ;-)


My passion for photography was rekindled taking scenic landscape photos and expanded into the portrait world.  I found my heart in taking photos of people, portraits.  It's so simple and so complicated at the same time that I just can't get enough.  I constantly want to learn more and be better than I was before.  

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm sort of a goofball.  I may be a Grandma but I still feel like I'm in my early 20s.  I love pop music and while some people sing in the car - I dance - and I'm shameless about it too.  When a good song starts sometimes you just have to move with it.  I love to making people laugh, I might have been a comedian if it didn't involve being on stage and talking into a microphone.  I love to give hugs too - nothing creepy just good old fashioned hugs (that's probably the Grandma in me) :-)


I can't think of anything else to write, I can't believe you made it this far. :-D  Please check out my work and if you like what you see, I look forward to meeting and possibly working with you!


Oh and I've been told I can bake a mean cookie (of course by "mean" I mean "OMG these cookies are awesome why didn't you make more".)  Let me know your favorite cookies and I’ll make them for your Happy Hour (review & order session) as we go through your photos.

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