Are you getting ready to graduate or is your Son / Daughter now a High School Senior?  This year will be one that flies by and crawls slower than a snail at the same time.  It'll be an emotional roller coaster marked with milestones and memories.

Senior sessions are special, in this session we try to capture everything that makes you "YOU".  Unlike family other photo sessions, Senior sessions involve several changes of clothes and I encourage props to incorporate pieces of hobbies and activities into some of the photos.

Many times people want photos taken at a special time of year to get the fall colors or spring flowers, to play in the snow or to just be relaxed on a summer evening, but the also want a few photos taken with a cap & gown that isn't always available at the time of the session.  We can do a split session.  Most of the photos will be taken during the "official" session and then "part 2" will be a shorter almost "mini-session".

All senior sessions include the yearbook photo too.  I have the requirements for all of the local schools and can submit the yearbook photo for you at no additional cost.

I have several packages available for those with bigger families or that simply need more photos, I have a la carte options available if you only need a few pictures.  Your homework assignment is to make a list of people that you want or need to give photos to so I can help find the right option for you.

One thing I do encourage is custom graduation announcements, they are great and serve 2 purposes... they showcase 3 - 6 photos (bonus they fit in a 5x7 frame) AND they have all of the graduation & open house info on the back.  No more stuffy, old fashioned announcements with a drawing of the school on them that people rarely keep. They're less expensive than buying the options available from the school AND buying photos to put inside.  Check out the gallery of some examples